• The talented young rhythm wizard Akın Bağcıoğlu who was born in 1981, Ankara, Turkey and who has been spoken highly of in many festivals and workshops he attended, presents music lovers his distinct and beyond-era musical insight with that unique virtuosity of his.

    The young artist starts his musical journey at age 11, as he watches his guitarist uncle and father practice, and find himself on stage at age 16. Merging his mastery of drum which he developed as a result of his early interest in technical works, with his unique musicality at once, provides him with a distinguished place in Turkey. The fact that he composes, plays, records and even undertakes the visual productions of his music, is an obvious testament to his passion of drum and music.

    The artist who sums up his musical insight and world view as “I think music is already there and belongs to nobody. The point of all my endeavour is reaching the perception level sufficient to explore more clearly and accurately the music that is already there”, carries on his works for an album project.

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  • Territory of Representation – WORLDWIDE

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