• Andrea Alberti, also known as ‘Maestro Alberti’ among many people in Italy, is one of the living legends of Italian jazz music. The Sicilian musician exhibits a refined blend between jazz and solar Mediterranean rhythms, a unique musical excursus that melds the rigor and wisdom of occidental forms with simple melodies of the Mediterranean.
    Born in Trapani (Italy), Alberti is a pianist, synthesizer player, composer and arranger and has already recorded 21 CDs. He has played alongside many international artists, such as Ian Carr, Glen Velez, Layne Redmond, Antonello Salis, among others and has participated in many jazz festivals in Turkey, the United States, South Korea, Colombia and France. Alberti also teaches jazz piano at the prestigious music school of Testaccio in Rome.

    Andrea Alberti – Piano, Keyboards
    Antonio Iasevoli – Electric Guitar
    Giovanni di Cosimo – Trumpet
    Fabrizio Montemarano – Double Bass-
    Armando Sciommeri – Drums
    Marco Ariano – Percussions
    Marco Conti – Soprano Sax

  • Nubia


    Nubia -2003 – Label: Il Manifesto

  • Kalahari -min


    Kalahari -2003 – Label: Il Manifesto

  •   Territory of Representation – WORLDWIDE  (Except Italy)  

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