• Sangu ru Poeta – Blood of Poet is a comprehensive project dedicated to two great mediterranean poets, Ignazio Buttitta, Sicilian, and Nazim Hikmet, Turkish. Contemporaries and needed more than ever, both victims of the same destiny as forgotten at home in the historic moment wich feels more the lack of high voices.

    Poets of the road, popular poets, who sang the disperation of labourers, daily, soldiers at the front, thieves and murderers,dead  people. Voices of who has never had voice. The poems, as in previous work of Bob Salmieri devoted to poetry, are music-set and sung in the original language, Sicilian for Buttitta, Turkish for Hikmet. But, in some songs we have inverted the language.

    The orchestration used is that of the Mediterranean tradition in particular Turkish and Sicilian as baglama,davol, ney, daf, tambourines, friscaleddu, etc..at the side of electronics.Poetry as a bridge between so close cultures , often placed at a distance from historical and religious prejudices.

    The show lasts about an hour and thirty minutes and involves multi-instrumentalist artists and singers who interpret the poems of two poets Mediterranean in their original languages. In some songs, the languages are inverted, so that Hikmet’s poems are sung in Sicilian dialect and those Buttitta in Turkish. The music accompanying the lyrics, is strongly evocative language is ancient and contemporary at the same time, through the use of traditional Turkish instruments and Sicilian ( baglama, ney, friscaleddu, Kavala, etc.)

    Patrizia Nasini – Voice
    Bob Salmieri – Baglama, soprano sax, ney, clarinetto, percussions
    Andrea Pullone – Baglama, classic guitar
    Simone Pulvano – Darbuka, riqq, sagat , cajon, daf, gong
    Maurizio Perrone – Contrabbasso
    Ozge Metin  – Violin, voce
    Gunay Celik – Kanun
    Eda Ozbakay – Turkish vocal, fisarmonica
    Turker Dinletir  – Ney, Kaval
    Sea Sun Marco Carlotto – Sound Engeneer


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    Sangu ru Poeta – Şairin Kanı

    Sangu ru Poeta – Şairin Kanı / Nazım Hikmet&Ignazio Buttitta Poems – CNI Music 2011

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