• Milagro Acustico is a world music band based in Rome and was born in 1995 by Bob Salmieri. Their music is a fusion of Mediterranean sounds with Medioriental (Arabic and Turkish) melodies and rhythms. They use many traditional and ethnic instruments, even some that they have created, all mixed with sounds.

    The music and lyrics are written by saxophonist and baglama (Turkish traditional instrument) player Bob Salmieri. Bob, himself, is of Sicilian Descent (Favignana island), lives in Rome, and travels extensively. He has utilized his passion for travel and his interest in a wide variety of traditional instruments to create a cohesive work that flows from beginning to end. He describes their music as the expedition of Mediterranean music routes affected the effect of Arab domination.

    Milagro Acustico presents us a unique experience in their music by effectively encompassing a wide variety of sounds that span genres travelling somewhere between traditional music and jazz. The combination of instruments from the many cultures reflected in their music creates a richly textured sound that is always richly enhanced by guest musicians that appear on the albums.

    Patrizia Nasini – Voice
    Roberto Salmieri – Baglama, Ney, Soprano Sax, Davol
    Andrea Pullone – Classic guitar, Baglama
    Simone Pulvano – Percussions
    Carlo Cossu – Violin
    Maurizio Perrone – Double Bass
    Eda Özbakay – Dance

  • sangu ru poeta 2011

    SANGU ru POETA – Şairin Kanı

    CNI Music – 2011

  • thermae atmospherae 2010


    CNI Music – 2010

  • siqiliah, 2007

    SIQILIAH, terra d’Islam

    CNI Music – 2007

  • i_storie_06-150x150

    I Storie o Cafè di lu Furestiero Novo

    CNI Music – 2006

  • poeti arabi di sicilia - 2005

    Poeti Arabi di Sicilia

    CNI Music – 2005

  • rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam - 2004 (USA)

    Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam

    Heart of Space & Valley Entertainment – 2004 USA

  • i storie o cafè di lu firestiero - 2002 (USA)

    I Storie o Cafe di lu Furestiero

    Tinder records – 2002 USA

  • onirico - 1998


    Selfproduction – 1998

  •   Territory of Representation – Turkey and Middle East

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