• Rumi

    The Message of Rumi

    Our Anatolia is a paradise of earth hosted numerous civilisation throughout the history. Since many centuries our countless thinkers and artists have disseminated the seeds of love on the bosom of this fertile lands with their thoughts and works. These seeds of love were cared well by later generations and became huge plane-trees illuminating in […]

  • African Footprint

    African Footprint

    South Africa’s longest-running show, African Footprint, is an explosive stampede of song and dance that tells the vibrant and diverse story of South Africa through a dazzling display of traditional African, Kwela, Tap, Contemporary Ballet, Gumboot, and Hip-Hop Pantsula.

  • From Sufi Music to Flamenco

    From Sufi Music to Flamenco

    Sufi Flamenco performance as a stunning journey from Southern Spain via North Africa to Turkey with beautiful ingredients: flamenco, Sufi music from Turkey and whirling Dervishes. There has been a lively cross-pollination between the cultures surrounding the Mediterranean sea since the 11th century. Adrian Elissen, flamenco guitarist, and Tahir Aydogdu, kanun (Turkish zither) player, were […]

  • blood

    BLOOD OF POET ( Nazım Hikmet – Ignazio Buttitta )

    Is a comprehensive project dedicated to two great mediterranean poets, Nazim Hikmet, Turkish and Ignazio Buttitta, Sicilian. Contemporaries and needed more than ever, both victims of the same destiny as forgotten at home in the historic moment wich feels more the lack of high voices.