• Unnaddarè is a project that involves different provenance musicians and share extraction from the passion for the Sicilian musical tradition, founded by Maurizio Catania. Through a journey lyrics, sound and rhythm, sing and play the Mediterranean and especially Sicily, island with traditions and strong contradictions. Trance rhythms, lyrics and visionary dialect, multi-ethnic instruments and archaic entries, all perfectly mixed to art for the new world sound from electro Sicily.

    Maurizio Catania – Voice, Percussions, Programming
    Valentina D’accardi – Voice, Guitar
    Gabriele Caporuscio – Baglama, Sitar
    Gianluca Ferrante – Electric Bass
    Ras Noiz  – Live Electronics, Computer
    Edoardo Massimi – Electric Guitar
    Francesco Pradella – Drums

  • aqua virgo

    Aqua Virgo

    Megasound/Egea Music 2010

  • Kalsa


    Megasound/Egea Music 2007

  • Territory of Representation – WORLDWIDE  (Except Italy)

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